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About Us

Company Overview

Arch Design is a Ugandan-based consultancy firm that was established in 1997, out of the ideas of architects and engineers. The firm, headquartered in Kampala, was started in line with Ugandan laws and has grown to employ employ numer­ous architects, engineers, design and research professionals.

It specializes in architectural and engineering work involving buildings, roads and other infrastructure.

It also offers its clients project management, planning of towns, neighborhoods and estates as well as social and environmental research among other services.

The concept, work ethic and professional outlook of Arch Design was born out of the zeal to create works with structural durability, design uniqueness and charac­ter for a dynamic evolving market. For this reason, Arch Design involves skill and time in pre-design research, surveys and planning to ensure that before project execution starts, all facts have been established.

Its professional human resource therefore has brought together engineers, archi­tects, works inspectors, surveyors, Researchers, Planners, Economists, Manage­ment & Financial Specialists, Environmentalists as well as Technicians.

The firm’s professional efficiency is not only shown in skill, but is also demonstrated by a system that brings the skills to the project site. In other words, when Arch De­sign is contracted, it makes the client comfortable by coming to the client, rather than wait to be sought out. Physical presence is, in part, shown by the establish­ment of project offices at each site to maintain closer surveillance and dedicate all efforts needed for not just accomplishment but the crowning of each project.

Our service delivery is marked by quality products but minimal costs. With this, we create places and spaces that span the ideals of functionality to cover style and add value to our clients’ lives and businesses.

Our scope of work covers urban and rural landscapes, commercial and individual arenas and every structure we plan, supervise or create epitomizes the concepts of skill, concentration and execution to portray the finest image that construction materials can accomplish.