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Our services

The services we offer are rooted in the concept that architectural work shouldn’t just be created, but it should be crafted to achieve durability, practicality, uniqueness and above all, excellence.

This runs from design preparation to operation and functional analysis, establishment of programs and architectural design. Preliminary and final designs are provided to the client before construction commences. With our expertise, we also offer site supervision of public and private buildings and industrial estates as well as evaluation of projects to our clients.

Systems analyses and structural engineering consultation work, structural analyses and detailed design drawing with EDP optimization for civil engineering and superstructures are some of the activities covered under this function. This service is specific to roads and railway bridges, earthworks and foundation engineering. Through our assessments, we advise our clients on the viability of a proposed project to make sure that foundations or mapped road-routes are strong enough to sustain those projects.

We tailor our services to suit the ever-expanding petroleum industry, and this sector we cover design and planning of Bulk Fuel Terminals; Tanks & Depots, Fuel Distributions Systems, Load­ing/Unloading Rumps, Fire Protection Systems, LPG Storage Spaces and Distribution Systems and Airport/Aviation Fuel Systems.

Our civil works and outdoor department covers traffic planning and technology, airport planning and design, road and motorway construction, water supply and treatment as well as sewage disposal systems. We bring to life infrastructure for industrial complexes to meet our clients’ needs.